Game-day is the most hectic day of the week, but also the most fun thanks to your corporate tailgating rental!  Whether you’re waking up early to get the best parking spot, or running around trying to get all of your essentials ready for corporate tailgating at Kansas State football game, game-day is fun but stressful.  With these helpful, no-cook, snack ideas, you will have more time on your hands than you can imagine.  Corporate tailgating at KU football game has never been more fun than with the best no-cook tailgating snacks!

Salsa Picante

This delicious recipe tastes excellent while corporate tailgating at MU football game.  All you’ll need is a can of tomatoes drained and the other un-drained for the perfect scoop-able texture.  Add garlic, cilantro, jalapeno, and lime, and you’re ready to party!

Black Bean Hummus with Queso Fresco

Flavored with delicious lime juice and sprinkled with cilantro, this Mexican inspired dip is a must have at any tailgate.  It’s delicious and goes down easy!  Kansas City Chiefs football tailgating has never been more delicious!

Nuts & Bolts Trail Mix

Combining unsalted mixed nuts with dried fruit, oat cereal, Goldfish crackers, and mini pretzels are the most delicious trail mix you’ll ever taste!  Your friends and fans won’t believe their taste buds while corporate tailgating at Arkansas football game.  A great option for snacking on the go, this trail mix is also great for entertaining and tailgating.  Not only is this snack kid-friendly, but it’s delicious to all taste buds.  Make a large bowl, because, trust us, you’ll wish you made more!

Layered Salad


Pre-chocked veggies and pre-cooked bacon and eggs indeed make this retro snack dish come to life.  Typical layer dips and salads are loaded with cheese, sour cream, and refried beans, making the saturated fat and calorie numbers quite high, but not with this dip salad.  This salad is packed with protein and nutrient-dense veggies that deliver just as much flavor as your favorite bean dip.  You can assemble this salad the night before, cover it tightly with plastic wrap or a lid, and you’ll be able to refrigerate it up to one day!  Eat it straight out of the bowl if you want, or scoop it out with chips or lettuce cups.  Your friends will love it!