January is almost here, and for corporate tailgating rental parties, the fun is just beginning. Every January there are exactly 11 postseason games where the best of the best teams compete to be the champion of the National Football League. Let the party start, it’s time for Kansas City Chiefs football tailgating! Corporate tailgating at Arkansas football game is fun, but nothing beats an NFL postseason tailgate party. While many postseason games have been forgettable and people lean toward college football and corporate tailgating at Kansas State football game, there have been many unforgettable. Here are the top 3 NFL postseason games.

2008 Super Bowl: Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23

Super Bowl XLIII was unforgettable, even for fans of corporate tailgating at Chiefs football games. It featured everything a fan could want in a football game. There was a memorable defensive play, a double-digit point comeback, and a last-minute game-winning drive, and we haven’t even mentioned the last-second turnover yet. In just 17 seconds, the Cardinals took the lead with a 64-yard touchdown. This super bowl was one for the books.

2007 Super Bowl: NY Giants 17, New England 14

This year was a year of history for the New England Patriots. They were the first 16-0 team in the entire history of the NFL. Corporate tailgating at KU football game was nothing compared to tailgating at this super bowl. Leading up to this game, the Giants had won 10 straight road games, and they held their own against the Patriots but still lost 38 to 35.

2014 Super Bowl: New England 28, Seattle 24

This game pits the old dynasty against the new dynasty, and it was amazing. The former Patriots head coach faced off his team against the current Patriots head coach in this super bowl. One of the game’s oldest quarterback faced off against one of the youngest quarterbacks in the game. Corporate tailgating at MU football game didn’t stand a chance compared to this legendary game. The Patriots are certainly a team to be reckoned with.