Watching football isn’t complete without tailgating. Whether it be corporate tailgating at Chiefs or corporate tailgating at Arkansas football game, no game is perfect without a proper tailgate. Kansas City Chiefs football tailgating has never been better, especially with all of your corporate tailgating rental options, like Trailergating. Here are organizational tailgating rental tips for first-timers!  Corporate Tailgating Rental Tips For First-Timers

Find Your Spot

Whether you’re in Kansas City or corporate tailgating at Iowa State game, you have to find your spot! Look up a map of the stadium and parking lot online, learn the unique stadium tailgating policies, and pick your place.

Invest In Your Setup

Take advantage of what options you have to make your tailgate location the best tailgate at the game! Trailergating has an assortment of different tailgating trailers to choose from. Bring your rented Trailergating trailer directly to your tailgating spot, and create a tailgating atmosphere that will WOW! Your setup is everything, so big, or go home!

Buy The Right Décor

Are you corporate tailgating at MU football game? Great, then deck out your tailgating spot with MU colors, merch, and décor! Let your team spirit shine! Have fun, and remember, no amount of your favorite team’s colors is too much!

Start With Savory

Every tailgate has to have great food! Hotdogs, hamburgers, chips & dip, and chili are all essentials, but you can get creative too! What’s your favorite food or dish? Make it into an excellent tailgating recipe with just a little creativity!

Build A Bar

Whether you’re team beer or team whiskey, a well-stocked bar will make your tailgate fun, festive, and memorable! Look up the ingredients to yours and your friend’s favorite drinks, and stock your mobile bar full of them. Don’t forget about Trailergating’s draft beer tap trailer!

Oh, and don’t forget about the beer!

Lots & Lots Of Snacks

Big games require big snacks! You and your friends will need lots of fuel to not only cheer on your team but also get through the fun day. Game-day snacks don’t need to be elaborate, just plentiful!