Pool season has arrived, and this beer makes a splash

So it’s getting hotter out there every day. All the pools have opened back up, and though it may not officially be summer yet it can sure feel that way. This time of year many flock to the lighter crisper beers to cool them off on those hot days. This beer is a fantastic choice for just that. For those that wouldn’t self-describe themselves as hopheads, the Blonde ale is a pleasantly refreshing beverage without the hop bite of the, ever popular, IPA.

This style of beer is incredibly approachable while also being complex enough for any beer aficionado. With a bright malty body, and just the right amount of hops to balance everything out, this beer could be a perfect pair with a hot day out at the grilling in the back yard, tailgating out at the ballpark, or just relaxing by the pool. Now, onto the beer!

Vital Stats

Category – American Blonde Ale (BJCP Category 18A)

Origin – Mother’s Brewing Company (Springfield, MO)

ABV – 5.2%

IBU – 21

Aroma – The aroma of this beer comes across as cleanly effervescent and malty with hints of the yeast esters shining through. The yeast ester profile is clean and fruity which overshadows the low hop aroma that is ever so slightly present.

Appearance – This beer pours brilliantly clear with a light golden straw color. The head poured white with fine bubbles that persisted well. The medium to high carbonation led to bubbles rising up through the glass all during the tasting which helped the head maintain itself until the last sip. The head also laced the glass nicely.

Flavor – The flavor comes across as light in body but full in flavor. The fruity yeast esters present in the aroma shine through the clean matiness of this beer. The wheat malt is present in the body and malt flavor, but it is not the dominant malt presence coming through. The low hop bitterness is present in the flavor just enough to balance malt sweetness without imparting much flavor. This low hop level lets the malt and yeast shine through in this classic example of the style.

Mouthfeel – This beer, though very drinkable and light in body, has a rich mouthfeel. I would surmise this is in part due to the wheat malts used that seem add body and tend to cleanly coat the palate as you drink. This creamy texture is pleasantly kept in check by the moderate to high carbonation which was right on the mark for keeping this beer feeling lively as you work from first sip to last, and leave you ready for another.

Overall – This is an excellent example of a blonde ale. I could picture this being a great go-to beer for just about any time of year, but especially on those hot days when you want something refreshing, but still want something with character. The balance between sweet and bitter is there, and so is the balance between too little and too much body. I could see anyone from a more casual beer drinker to a beer enthusiast enjoying this drink. With the approachable nature of this beer, it could be just the right offering at your next Trailergating event that can please everybody.

As always, if you want a review of a specific beer you’re curious about I’m open to feedback. Please leave a comment if you have other notes on this beer to add.

Drink on!